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2009 CTA — Sandhills Family Heritage Association

Sandhills Family Heritage Association by Monica McCann Located in the Sandhills region of North Carolina, the Sandhills Family Heritage Association (SFHA) works to preserve the unique natural and cultural heritage of African-American families in the Sandhills region, while also carrying on those traditions that have helped sustain the community and culture for hundreds of years. […]

2009 CTA — Stecoah Valley Cultural Arts Center

Stecoah Valley Cultural Arts Center by Monica McCann Located in the small community of Stecoah in North Carolina’s Graham County, Stecoah Valley Cultural Arts Center (SVCAC) vitally contributes to the preservation of the unique cultural traditions of the Southern Appalachian Mountains and carries on those traditions through education, celebration, and economic opportunities. SVCAC is located […]

2009 CTA — Sappony Heritage Youth Camp

Sappony Heritage Youth Camp: Saving the Sappony Tribe’s Culture and Community by Shelia Wilson Before the establishment of the Sappony Heritage Youth Camp, many families from this American Indian community had what could be called mini-heritage camps every summer. People in the community started talking about the many children who were missing out on this […]